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September 9, 2022

New products to the market

We now have a number of new products so check them out on

We now have in stock HUGE JUMBO ROLL”S of the excellent SilO2block® true oxygen barrier film.

These roll’s are 16mx400m, 18mx400m, and the huge 20mx400m ideal for the larger farmer or AD Plant.

SilO2block® is one of the few “true” oxygen barrier films on the market, it’s a 7-layer barrier film which limits oxygen permeation by more the 10 times relative to standard silage film. It ensures a better fermentation and helps reduce spoilage, thus improving significantly the quality of the stored product.

SilO2block® is stronger than a standard 150mic film, lighter, very flexible, easy to install and fully recyclable.

As well as these jumbo roll’s we also have the full range of 10mx50m, 12mx50m, 14mx50m, 16mx50m, 18mx50m and 20mx50m SilO2block® 14mx50m, 18mx50m, and 20mx50m 40 mic vacuum film with 150mic standard silage film and 5mx50m, 6mx50m 150mic sidewall film.

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