It's time to store your silage and grain in an environmentally friendly and flexible way

We help you to preserve and store feed and grain with the most modern silage bag technology and BUDISSA BAGGER® made in Germany.

About us

Budissa Bag Uk & Ireland Ltd are exclusive dealers for the full range of Budissa Bag® products. BAG Budissa Agroservice GmbH have been selling feed conservation in plastic bags technology in Europe since 1994. Since 1997 the silage baggers have been produced in Germany. In addition to production and distribution in more than 35 countries worldwide, product development in the field of forage preservation in the bags is a top priority. Our customers appreciate our many years of know-how, the close, and trusting cooperation. Read More

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Feed conservation in plastic bags

Feed conservation in plastic bags is an efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly system for preserving and storing feed in a specially developed foil tube.

Silopress - the modern machine for forage preservation

The silage preservation in the plastic bags is mainly done by Silopress. The breakthrough of the silopress in Germany and Europe did not come until the mid-90s. However, the silage press was already invented at the end of the 1960s. Even then it was found that the silopress could be used to produce high-quality silage. Today there is a wide range of machines that can store not only silage but also grain, spent grains, industrial by-products, various bulk materials (pellets, fertiliser, road salt), and much more in plastic bags.

Functional principle

The right machine for every application. Different crops and their properties require silo presses of different constructions.

Budissa Bag UK Ireland benefits


  • Very competitive costing v other storage methods
  • High nutrient retention
  • Very low storage losses
  • Immediate air seal
  • No soil contamination from tractor / trailer tyres
  • Flexible to suit any on-farm or AD plant situation

For which feed are you looking for the right machine

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